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Tue, Apr. 14th, 2009, 11:22 am
livlyredhead: Frolicon 2009

For those who were curious about the announcement archers_eleganthad at Frolicon 

Click here to find out  ~WEG~


Fri, Mar. 27th, 2009, 09:49 am
beth_: SELF contests

Note: Please feel free to cross-post or to pass on to anyone who might be interested.


SELF contests: Are you interested in representing the southeast region?

It's a year of commitment, responsibility and enthusiasm. It's a year of teaching, sharing -- and most of all, learning.

It could be your title year.

Holding a title provides fabulous opportunities to make an impact on the community and to foster individual self-growth. If that appeals to you, and you are from the southeast region, SELF (Atlanta, June 12-14, 2009) welcomes you as a potential candidate for one of the five leather contests held during the weekend. The titles awarded are:

SouthEast Master/slave
Read more...Collapse )

Mr SouthEast LeatherFest
Read more...Collapse )

SouthEast LeatherFest boy
Read more...Collapse )

Ms SouthEast LeatherFest
Read more...Collapse )

SouthEast Bootblack
Read more...Collapse )

Contestants must be from Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee or Virginia. For the Master/slave title, contestants may also be from Arkansas.

If you are interested in competing for one of the above contests -- and potentially representing the southeast region! -- simply visit http://www.seleatherfest.com/Contests.php to download full requirements and an application. SELF will provide support before and during the event weekend. SELF titleholders receive continuous assistance during their title year.

Come join us as a contestant and make lifelong friendships. Everyone will have fun!


Want to know more?
For more information on SouthEast LeatherFest (Atlanta, June 12-14, 2009), including presenter preview podcasts, class lists and registration information, visit http://www.seleatherfest.com. Come see what the hot Atlanta nights are all about!!!


Get your Kinky Prom tickets now!
Kinky Prom is May 9th! Save the date for a fantastic fetish evening.
Visit http://www.seleatherfest.com/PreEventKinkyProm.php for all the details.

Mon, Mar. 23rd, 2009, 01:40 am

Frolicon is only 17 days away
Thursday-Sunday, April 9-12, 2009

What is Frolicon you ask? We are an adult, over 21 only, sci-fi/kink/fantasy/gaming/party convention held in Atlanta, GA every Easter weekend. We offer classes in new-age idealism, kink/lifestyle oriented classes, bands, burlesque shows, performances, live action games, DJ’s, a digital scavenger hunt, a gaming room and parties. Lots of parties. If you don’t have your tickets yet, we are giving you a few more days to register on line. Just visit www.Frolicon.com and register for the low price of $50.00. After March 27, on line registration will close and you can only get your ticket to the con of the year at the door. And the price goes up to $65.00 for the weekend. What do you get for that low price? More than you can ever imagine. Look at some of the exciting things going on beneath the cut.

Kink Track:

Read more...Collapse )

Think Track:

Read more...Collapse )

Main Programming:

Read more...Collapse )

So join us for what should be a fabulous weekend.

Wed, Mar. 18th, 2009, 10:23 pm
coldwash: (no subject)

Anyone here attending IMSL and IMSBB this weekend in San Francisco?

Tue, Mar. 10th, 2009, 10:29 am
nineinchlovely: Chicago Bootblack Skillshare (April 19): Free!

Need to ready your leathers before CLAW or IML?
Want to learn to shine your dominant's boots?
You are cordially invited to the first annual Chicago Bootblack Skillshare to be held Sunday, April 19 from 9:00am-5:00pm at a few locations throughout Chicago.

 We have an action-packed day planned for you including:
  • a visit to "Bootblack Heaven" for supplies
  • time spent learning, sharing, and refining skills
  • a bootblack potluck, complete with chocolate cake!
  • a visit to the Leather Archives and Museum

This free event is hosted and organized by Great Lakes Bootblack 2007 Riley Johnson, co-sponsored by LRA Chicago.
Note: Admission to the LA&M is free to members, and $5.00 for non-members.
Due to the multiple locations of this event, RSVPs are required.
RSVP to bootblackskillshare@gmail.com
Please feel free to forward far and wide! 

Tue, Feb. 10th, 2009, 12:31 pm
goodlittlegirl: Frolicon Staff Meeting Feb. 21, 2009

Frolicon Staff/Volunteer Meeting and Party

Atlanta, Ga:
Come celebrate Mardi Gras in Frolicon style. We'll have beads and a contest and prizes at midnight for the male and female with the most beads. We'll have celebration, and celebration, and celebration. We'll also be giving away a prize for best Mardi Gras themed costume. If you're not in the Mardi Gras mood, come as your favorite True Blood character or denizen of Bon Temps. We'll also have a prize for the best True Blood costume.

The details:
Staff meeting at Atlanta Sheraton Gateway, 4pm. If you want to be in the know, are on staff, want to volunteer, just hang out with us, get your registration, come join us. Email me at Froliconvols@aol.com for info if you need it.

We are going back to a suite party this go round!!! Yay. We'll provide the place, the fun, the music, a few munchies, 'punch' and a few mixers. you supply the fun, and byob. We'll have a tip jar at the bar for donations to cover decorations, food and the punch.

We need a person or two to work door and check id and a couple of folks to act as bartenders. Oh, and several folks to help set up the room would be unbelievably fabulous! Please email me at Froliconvols@aol.com if you can help us in any of these areas. I swear you'll have a good time.
For more information about the convention visit our website.

Thu, Oct. 2nd, 2008, 04:16 pm
starfrosting: before and after

Well, I attempted to fix up those Chelsea boots by saddle-soaping them up, applying thin coats of melted polish into the cracks, polishing them and smearing in some protectant for good measure:
beforeCollapse ) and afterCollapse )

They look much better, though obviously the cracking/peeling hasn't been fixed. If anyone has any tips to prevent it from getting worse-- or looking better in the meantime-- please let me know.

Sat, Sep. 27th, 2008, 04:24 pm
starfrosting: 2 questions-- now with pictures!

Hi there,
I have a couple specific bootblacking questions.
1) My Daddy's cowboy bootsCollapse ) are really scuffed, and no amount of Obenauf's LP and black polish seems to be filling it in. Should I invest in some dye? How should I proceed?

2) I found this great pair of cordovan RM Williams Chelsea bootsCollapse ) used for $20, seemingly in great shape. I wore them out, it started raining, and they got wet. No big deal, except now the leather coloring is cracking like crazy. Again, I don't know if there's some filler I should try, if I should dye the cracks and hope for the best, or what. Advice?


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